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How Can We Help You?

Community Food Share offers a number of services to help families in need year-round. Please contact us for more information on how to benefit from any of these services, or to help ensure they continue successfully.

Nutritious food for those in need

Community Food Share distributes emergency food aid to the residents of the Dundas and Stormont Counties. On average, we serve approximately 165 households every month, representing 500 individuals.

In 2018, Community Food Share made a strategic decision to adopt a Healthy Choices model. Our team worked closely with the local health unit to develop a plan to ensure that in a single visit, clients leave with enough food to give their family five days worth of nutritional meals. This resulted in fewer pre-packaged items and more fresh selections, such as vegetables and milk.

We provide food using the "Client Choice Model," meaning clients have the opportunity to browse our shelves and select specific items based on their family size. This differs from the old "Pre-made baskets" model because it not only ensures people have what they need, but we regularly save food as clients leave behind items they will not use.

The food is provided through generous donations from individuals, organizations and businesses in our community. Many corporate donors provide food that was not sold due to over-production, or that has slightly damaged packaging. When we receive monetary donations, we purchase specific food items that help balance the nutritional value of the food distributed to those in need.

People who use food banks do so because they have no other choice. They are from all parts of the community, and from different backgrounds and circumstances. Each client is given a five to seven day supply of nutritionally-balanced food for each family member. Clients are allowed to visit no more than once a month, and the vast majority use the food bank only a few times. Clients must choose which location they will visit so there is no overlapping service.

Helping you optimize your return

Community Food Share's tax preparation services connects a trained volunteer with our clients to help them optimize their return.

Filing personal taxes can be a confusing and drawn-out process. There are also a number of rebates and benefits available that are not commonly-known, or require extra work to obtain.

In the past, our volunteers have helped families relieve tax stress and, in some cases, receive hundreds of dollars back from the government!

Home-grown generosity

To supplement our food bank's Healthy Choices initiative, Community Food Share works with volunteers and local organizations to run community gardens in the summer months.

In 2018, Community Food Share and St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church worked together to bring a Community Garden to Winchester. Through donations and volunteers, including students from the local school, a bountiful garden was created that allowed our clients to enjoy fresh vegetables all summer.

Inspired by the success of Winchester's garden, the communities of Finch and Iroquois have also created gardens that provide fresh garden produce to our food banks.

Providing the support you need

The Community Advocate is a volunteer who assists Community Food Share clients by providing them with information, support, referrals, and resources.

The Community Advocate connects with clients looking for direction in solving a variety of problems, such as finding housing, paying bills, securing funding, or dealing with utility companies.

The advocate is not an agent of our clients, and does not make specific recommendations, but rather provides options and guides them through challenging situations.

Growing minds & giving back

Growing Futures is an educational program that helps students learn about growing food, while bringing awareness to hunger in the community.

Community Food Share works with sponsors to install a tower in classrooms that students use to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables.

Most recently, a class at Iroquois Public School implemented a Growing Futures tower. The students learned the science of growing, and the work required to make it successful. In the end, much of the output was donated back to Community Food Share, helping hundreds of people in the community.

Making sure everyone can enjoy the season

Community Food Share partners with local governments and charitable organizations to manage Christmas Basket programs during a time of year when hundreds of people struggle to keep warm and enjoy the holiday season.

2023 Christmas Basket Programs are available to families and individuals facing adversity. To request a basket please contact the Christmas program in your local area.

Please note: Registration is limited to one program; duplicate registrations will not be accommodated.

Residents of North Dundas - North Dundas Christmas Fund
Requests can be made for food baskets, gifts, and snowsuits by calling 613-774-0188 or 613-989-3830.
Registration is open November 1st to November 30th.
Late requests unfortunately cannot be accommodated.
Pickup Winchester December 13th - Chesterville December 14th - South Mountain December 14th

Residents of South Dundas - South Dundas Christmas Exchange
Registration will be held November 6-10 and November 13-17, 2023
Monday to Friday 1pm to 4 pm only. Registration HOTLINE 613-543-2005
No Late Registrations - No Saturday or Sunday Calls!
Pickup week of WEDNESDAY December 20 (not the regular Thursday)

Residents of North Stormont - The Salvation Army Christmas Basket
The Salvation Army Crest Centre - Cornwall
Address for registration & basket pickup 500 York Street, Cornwall
Registration begins November 7th - December 7th, 2023
Open 10am to 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ONLY

Families and individuals may register for holiday assistance by completing an application process
To register clients are required to bring:
1. ID for each family member living at home.
2. Proof of address
3. Proof of income
4. Only one parent can claim the children for gifts. Proof of custody required.
No registration without the appropriate documentation.

Residents of South Stormont - South Stormont Christmas Exchange
Registration is open November 1st to 30th, 2023.
Call 613-989-3830 or 613-612-3830 to register for a Christmas Basket.
Pick up date Saturday, December 9th by appointment.