Volunteer Spotlight

Monday Food Bank Volunteers in Morrisburg

With a combined total of over 50 years of helping their community, here’s our Monday morning crew at the Morrisburg food bank location of Community Food Share.  These folks serve our clients, stock our shelves and deliver food supplies each Monday morning – and often at other times during the week. And they do it all with a smile.   They paused long enough for a group photo at the end of their shift. From left to right –  Dave O’Shaughnessy [driver] – 3 years, Fran Aird – 5 years, Peter Bylsma -10 years, Erna Jakel – 26 years ,  Rosemarie Glauser – 2 years, Celeste Guse – 11 years;  missing – Arla Casselman – 4 years.