It’s back! Community Food Share’s Cash Calendar gives you the chance to start off the new year with some extra cash in your pocket.

Visit local stores or get in touch with a board member throughout December to purchase your $10 raffle ticket. A winner will be drawn every day in January. If you win, your name goes back into the pot, so you can keep winning all month long!

Licence #M833814


Ticket #
January 1, 2020$1,000.00209Krista Gruetzner
January 2, 2020$75.0061Steve Barkley
January 3, 2020$75.0052Kim Hunton
January 4, 2020$250.00870Rolly Doucet
January 5, 2020$75.00654Kevin Robertson
January 6, 2020$250.00236Mike Simzer
January 7, 2020$75.001024Carol & Marty Lavigne
January 8, 2020$75.00654Kevin Robertson
January 9, 2020$75.00131Matthew Coumont
January 10, 2020$25.00930Chris Peasey
January 11, 2020$100.00870Rolly Doucet
January 12, 2020$500.00829Bonnie Haner
January 13, 2020$100.00543Natasha St-Jean
January 14, 2020$50.00347Vivian Bylsma
January 15, 2020$150.001185Shawn Lavigne
January 16, 2020$75.00734Josée Landry
January 17, 2020$75.00335Norene Hyatt Gervais
January 18, 2020$250.00579Carol Beckstead
January 19, 2020$75.00993Erma Licarte
January 20, 2020$100.0089Sherrie Orendi
January 21, 2020$50.00253Ken Shay
January 22, 2020$250.001126Diane Champagne
January 23, 2020$500.001059Chris Gibson
January 24, 2020$75.00635Helen Picard
January 25, 2020$250.00348Bob Armstrong
January 26, 2020$25.001070Julie Sloan-Fawcett
January 27, 2020$100.00738Joy Zaczyk
January 28, 2020$50.001191Jake Cinnamon
January 29, 2020$100.001076Scott Curran
January 30, 2020$75.00311Brenda Millard
January 31, 2020$200.00313Sandie Decker
February 15, 2020$500 BMR Gift CardSpencer Corkery